Finding your chiro ICD-10 codes has never been easier. CHIROSPRING offers a variety of tools to make finding the right codes fast and simple.

ICD-10 Selection Grid

CHIROSPRING offers a number of tools built into the program to help ease the transition to ICD-10. Along with an ICD-9 to ICD-10 mapping link, the software provides a collection of the most common chiropractic codes in an easy-access format. Codes can be searched by simply typing any part of a code or code description in the designated CHIROSPRING search bar. And to simplify the decision-making process, CHIROSPRING has designed the ICD-10 selection grid to guide doctors into making an accurate code selection with the least amount of time and effort.

Tree-Structure Breakdown

When faced with making an accurate ICD-10 code selection, CHIROSPRING allows its users to benefit from a tree-structure breakdown. Doctors can select a code by initially choosing the high-level diagnosis, and continually selecting from more and more detailed options, eventually finishing with the proper diagnosis code presented to them by the software. These step-by-step code selections allow doctors the freedom to choose any code they’d like but also encourages them to make the most detailed and accurate code selection. Such automation tools allow doctors to produce detailed, audit-worthy SOAP notes with the same simplicity as selecting ICD-9 codes.

Pin Your Favorite Codes into Custom Folders

Like all CHIROSPRING software improvements, ICD-10 was a free update to our customers. It’s important to know this, as many EHR software companies charged upwards of $3,000 to upgrade to ICD-10. With CHIROSPRING, all updates are included at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU.
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