Chiropractic imaging

CHIROSPRING takes chiropractic imaging to the next level, with the ability to upload your images with just one click, secure cloud storage, and more.

Advanced Annotation Tools

CHIROSPRING takes images to the next level with custom designed digital annotation tools. Included with every CHIROSPRING software purchase are tools such as Cobb’s Angle, Disc Plane Tool, Ilium Analysis Tool, George’s Line, Midpoint tool, Measurement tool, Line tool, Drawing tool, Text tool and many more. You can even record the segments of the spine by using the spine stamp tool. Elsewhere this feature alone can cost $99/mo. But CHIROSPRING includes it at no additional cost. That’s smarter software and better value!

View Images with a Tap

When viewing an image, providers can freely move or manipulate the image with their fingers, using inertial gestures to flip or rotate the image for maximum utility. Practitioners can also use the pinch-to-zoom feature to focus on particular details, and share information with their patients. This design approach to images is visually appealing and leverages modern technology to provide patients with clear and understandable information about their health and wellness.

Export Images Easily

CHIROSPRING also allows images to be exported to a computer, enabling them to be shared with practitioners or patients as necessary. Exports even give practices the flexibility to choose whether they’d like to include any annotations, or just provide the original image.
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