Chiropractic Software with Built in Cash Register

Our chiropractic software with built in cash register allow you to take payments from your patients and checking out multiple patients at the same time.

Automatically Calculate Copay and Co-Insurance

CHIROSPRING’s smart Cash Register app automatically calculates the patient’s copay and co-insurance, and will even display any outstanding charges from previous visits, ensuring all charges are accounted for. CHIROSPRING’s Cash Register is a powerhouse, ensuring all of your transactions are handled quickly, easily and accurately.

Check-Out Multiple Patients Simultaneously

CHIROSPRING’s check-out process also allows for checking out multiple patients at the same time. In those instances where a parent might need to pay for the treatment of multiple children, the Cash Register app allows for a single transaction to cover multiple patients. Simply selecting the “Check-out Multiple” option allows clinics to take one payment and apply it across multiple patient charges. It’s that’s simple.

Patient Receipts

CHIROSPRING will automatically generate a patient receipt once the checkout process is complete. The receipt shows the patient’s previous balance, charges, and balance due. It will also list the visit’s diagnoses, discharge instructions, treatment plan, and any upcoming appointments. Receipts are kept on record for every patient visit, should you ever need to view or print one. Smart automation and storage are just two of the many reasons CHIROSPRING is a complete Electronic Health Record solution.

Ledger Displays Every Charge and Payment

Chiropractors know that keeping track of money that patients owe can be a daunting task, but CHIROSPRING makes it simple. Our Ledger displays every charge and payment the patient has ever had, including what insurance has paid on a charge, what a patient has paid on a charge, and what is currently owed on the charge. Even print the patient ledger.

Integrated Payments

Our built-in payments solution can save you time and increase your revenue. Credit cards are securely stored on file, you can process all recurring payments for all patients at the same time, and all payment information is automatically posted to the patient’s ledger. No double entry necessary.

Maximize Efficiency

To maximize efficiency you can re-schedule your patients directly from the cash register! Click the “Calendar” button at the bottom of the cash register and you have full access to the calendar. Schedule your patient(s), close the calendar and you are right back at the cash register. The flow is effortless and helps your patients to quickly complete the check-out process.
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