Online Intake

CHIROSPRING’S Kiosk will allow patients the ability to populate demographics, medications, allergies, problems, complaints, review of systems and much more. Have patients digitally acknowledge paperwork and even write your own intake questions which go directly into the SOAP note. Our Kiosk is second to none.


Patients can enter all subjective information for new and repeat visits including:

  • Personal Info
  • Demographics
  • Smoking Status
  • Employment Info
  • Emergency Contact
  • Family History
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Problems
  • Complaints
  • Outcome Assessments
  • Review of Systems
  • Acknowledgements
  • Additional Intake

Additionally, upload all of your documents such as HIPAA, Verification of X-ray and more. Your patient will review and digitally acknowledge. Never have your patient sign paperwork ever again!

Finally the feature you are going to absolutely LOVE… create custom intake questions that transfer directly into that visit’s SOAP note! Now that’s smarter software.

Less time wasted equals more patients and more dollars in your pocket. CHIROSPRING’s patient kiosk is just one more reason we are driving chiropractic!

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