Patient balances

Our software provides an easy-to-read ledger that will make it easy for you to provide patient balances.

Charges Tab

The Charges tab displays every charge that the patient has ever had, including what insurance has paid on a charge, what a patient has paid on a charge and what is currently owed on the charge. Charges can be edited here as well. While it’s not the only place these changes can be made, because CHIROSPRING has been designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, we offer the ability to edit charges here as well.

Payments Tab

The Payments tab displays every payment the patient has ever made. From this location, you can add or edit a payment, and even view the specific details of that payment. Want to assign a payment to another family member? No problem. Everything you need is here in the Patient Ledger.

Print the Ledger

Printing the ledger has also never been easier. Simply click the “Print Ledger” button, select a date range, and out comes a highly detailed report that is easy for the patient to understand. The report shows their starting balance, all charges, and payments including charge details, and then displays the ending balance at the bottom.
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