Reconciling Remittances

Reconciling a remittance in your chiropractic software shouldn’t be a pain. CHIROSPRING makes the process effortless with our automatic ERA posting process.


Reconcile remittances electronically with ERAs. CHIROSPRING will flag unpaid charges with a red ! for your review.


Not only can you access all of your patients from a single screen, but your progress is also saved automatically in real-time! Because practices get busy, CHIROSPRING offers the ability to begin the reconciliation process, switch screens to complete other tasks, and then come back to remittance and finish later. And if you need to quickly get to the Front Desk from the Reconcile app, just simply “Dock” the app to minimize it. Perform your task, and then “Un-Dock” the Reconcile App to return right back to where you left off. It’s multitasking at its finest. With CHIROSPRING’s auto-saving and multitasking features, you’ll feel like a productivity champion.


CHIROSPRING’s efficient reconciliation process also allows you to dispute charges, write individual notes on charges, mark charges as denied and auto-charge them to your patient, write off a charge, re-bill a charge, or even mark a deductible as met for your patient! If it improves efficiency and adds convenience, the CHIROSPRING Reconcile app has it.


CHIROSPRING offers several powerful tools to ensure you have accurately reconciled your remittance. Initially, all charges must balance against the original check amount. If they do not, CHIROSPRING will alert you. Next, the software verifies that each individual charge balances. Again, if a charge does not balance, CHIROSPRING will alert you. Additionally, CHIROSPRING’s proprietary error-proof technology prevents even payments from being entered incorrectly. CHIROSPRING ensures that you cannot enter a payment in the incorrect insurance field (e.g. Primary Paid or Secondary Paid). The end result of CHIROSPRING’s reconciliation process is fast, efficient, and accurate remittances that can be digitally stored forever.
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