All patient vital information can be recorded in the SOAP note. Notable values are color-coded and vital history can be seen at a glance. CHIROSPRING makes the process of recording vitals fast and easy. Through the use of a built-in number pad, vitals can be entered with your finger using any touch-screen device.

Vital History

Doctors looking to review a patient’s vital history can simply click the “View Vital History” button and review every vital ever recorded for a patient. CHIROSPRING’s smart automation draws attention to readings that may be too high or too low. The system highlights results in red if too high and blue if too low.

Vitals Tile

Not only can you access vitals inside the SOAP Note, but you can also find a convenient “Vitals Tile” in the patient dashboard. Here you can view a patient’s vital history and even edit a vital if necessary.

Enter Vitals with Touch

Taking your patient’s vitals has never been easier. CHIROSPRING allows you to record height, weight, blood pressure, respiration, SpO2, and even calculates BMI. Not only that, everything can be entered using a touchable number pad.
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