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Chiropractic Practice Management Software

Looking for easy to use chiropractic billing software that will run your entire practice? Great news… you’ve found it! ChiroSpring is a cloud based, multi-platform (Mac and PC) chiropractic practice management software that has been designed by chiropractors specifically for chiropractors.

A better EHR just for you!

Selecting an EHR for your practice can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider. That’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours making the perfect EHR chiropractic practice management software. Software that performs better. Software that allows you to do more because it’s well designed. Software that works everywhere and is lightning fast.

It’s extremely simple to use!

You and your staff will pick it up instantly with its modern App style interface. It does everything your office needs including scheduling, billing, reconciliation, SOAP notes, digital receipts, reports, demographics, vitals, images with digital annotations, document uploading, appointment reminders, spinal listings and more! ChiroSpring includes a wealth of chiropractic specific Macros to aid you in writing a fast and thorough SOAP note in seconds.

Front Desk SOAP Notes Scheduling Billing Complaints
Images Documents Labs Vitals Multiple Locations
Dashboard Conditions Insurance Stop Managers Tasks
Cash Register Reports Touch Screen Appointment Reminders Cloud

ICD10 with ChiroSpring!

ICD10 has arrived and chiropractors everywhere are scrambling to find a solution to make their transition from ICD9 to ICD10 as seamless as possible. With over 141,000 codes there is good reason to have some concerns on how the transition will go. The good news is ChiroSpring is ICD10 ready. Not only that, like all other aspects of ChiroSpring, we spent a great amount of time on the perfect ICD10 design. With our system finding the correct code takes seconds. Every code is accessible by search or using our touch interface grid which groups codes into chapter and progresses deeper and deeper as you click until the specific code is found. We've even created a "Common Chiropractic Codes" section. Not only that we provide an ICD9 to ICD10 map of the most common codes chiropractors use. We also have a built in ICD9 to ICD10 mapping tool if all of that is not enough to make your coding easy. Simply put, ChiroSpring has taken ICD10 seriously and we have the best approach out there. It is also worth noting that we gave our customers our ICD10 update free of charge as all updates are free with ChiroSpring. This is simply not the case with our competitors some charging over $2,000 for updating to ICD10 ready status.

Everything you need for one low price!

Every feature and screen has been carefully designed. We have been able to achieve an interface that is clean, simple and organized in a method that just makes sense and is unlike anything else out there. You and your staff will pick it up instantly and it really is a joy to use.

Because ChiroSpring is designed by chiropractors, the software comes pre-loaded with tons of clinical content making writing SOAP notes a breeze. With our SOAP Note process you will be able to write fast and highly detailed SOAP notes that meet the strict requirements of Medicare and other insurance carriers.

Compatible with Mac, PC and Tablets

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ChiroSpring is also cloud based. This offers a huge advantage over old server systems as you do not have to worry about losing your patient data (we back it up for you in a HIPAA compliant encrypted cloud 24/7) and you can access your patient information on any Internet connected computer in the world. ChiroSpring can be installed in seconds, not hours like these outdated server systems, and you can put it on as many computers as you like. There is no limit. ChiroSpring is also multi-platform so if you prefer a PC at your front desk and a Mac in your adjusting room it’s no problem. Or use ChiroSpring on a tablet and write your SOAP notes with touch.

Supports Multiple Locations

To make it even better we also offer multi-practice support at zero additional charge. You can create as many “practices“ as you want and do all of your billing from a central location. You never know if you might expand your practice in the future and it’s nice to have software that’s built for that opportunity.

Supports Multiple Provider Types

ChiroSpring is also the perfect solution for Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Acupuncturists. This is because ChiroSpring supports profession specific treatment plans and SOAP notes. What does this mean for chiropractors? Your clinic's therapist can treat a patient and not affect your diagnoses, chiropractic charges or treatment plan. This unique feature offers a huge advantage to practices with a variety of practioners.

No Contract & Affordable Pricing

ChiroSpring is extremely affordable with no contract. The monthly fee includes cloud access, data backup, software updates, use on unlimited computers, unlimited practice locations, unlimited staff users, training and support. And, let's not forget you are also getting the best chiropractic software on the market saving you time and money with the simplicity ChiroSpring delivers.

Invest in Success

Not only is ChiroSpring full-featured robust practice management software but also it’s highly affordable both for established practices and new chiropractor graduates alike. With our competitive pricing your decision just got easier. Contact us today and we’ll have ChiroSpring running your practice in no time.

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advanced ehr chiropractic software
ChiroSpring takes EHR to the next level and truly pushes the boundaries of what classifies an EHR software. Works on Mac, PC or tablet. For chiropractors looking for software, ChiroSpring has you covered. This all-in-one chiropractic software solution can not be beat in features, style or ease of use.
advanced ehr chiropractic software
ChiroSpring lets you access your patient data from an internet connected Mac, PC or tablet. Your practice is completely mobile. Access ChiroSpring on any computer including one you've never used before. ChiroSpring installs in seconds and the install is a one-click-process.

"As a fan of the Mac I was overly excited when I discovered ChiroSpring. Not only did it fill a void, as there are no decent chiropractic software options for the Mac, but it exceeded my expectations! I am running ChiroSpring on 3 iMacs and use it on my MacBook at home to finish SOAP Notes after a busy day. I also use my iPad when I am with patients. This software is just amazing!" -Dr. Ryan, DC.