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Finally, a way to have a full calendar, more paid claims, less paperwork, and growing revenue–without 90+ hour work weeks or overburdening your staff.

About Chirospring

Built for Chiropractors by Chiropractors

CHIROSPRING was designed to give chiropractors everything they need in one chiropractic software package: online scheduling software, online intake, SOAP notes, billing, automated ERA reconciling, outcome assessments, integrated payments, care plans, appointment reminders, document uploading, images with digital annotation, and so much more.

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Scale your practice with our amazing multiple location support. CHIROSPRING uses one database so traveling patients do not need to be reentered. Virtually change location with a dropdown on the front desk or calendar. Track your metrics by location with our reports. There is no limit to how large your practice can become.
The Chirospring APP

Take your practice further with CHIROSPRING’s mobile app!

Scan documents, snap patient profile photos, and even view and manage your schedule. CHIROSPRING’s mobile app keeps you productive, whether on the go or in your practice.

Chiropractic practices like yours need a way to accept payments simply and securely. Now you can do that directly within the CHIROSPRING platform with CHIROSPRING PAY.

Save Time and Money

CHIROSPRING’s simplified billing process makes it easier than ever to get paid.

Free Live Support

You’re backed by a support team that understands the ins and outs of chiropractic.
No Long-Term Contracts
If contracts aren’t your thing no problem. All packages have a non-contract option.

Free 14-Day Trial

Try CHIROSPRING for free
for 14 days.

Everything You Need to Run Your Practice

CHIROSPRING includes everything you need to run your chiropractic practice for one affordable monthly price.

Fast SOAP Notes with Touch

With CHIROSPRING, you’ll be writing fast, detailed, and compliant SOAP notes in seconds. And you can do it entirely with touch! CHIROSPRING is designed to make it easy to complete your SOAP notes on a touchscreen. (Of course, you can still use a mouse.)

Secure 24/7 Data Backups

CHIROSPRING includes 24/7 data backup (not just once per day), all future software updates, encrypted and secure cloud access, use on unlimited devices, unlimited staff users, live training, and unlimited support.

Customized to Fit Your Practice

Every doctor has different practicing styles. That’s why we made every aspect of CHIROSPRING fully customizable. Don’t settle for an EHR chiropractic software that forces you to practice in a way you don’t want to.

Rated #1 Cloud-Based EHR by Software Pundit

CHIROSPRING has been thoroughly reviewed and was rated the best cloud-based EHR in the industry.
4.9 (127)
Michael Owsley Owsley Family Chiropractic

CHIROSPRING has been very responsive to any suggestions I have provided to them. Many of my suggestions have later made their way into the live software. The customer support is top notch. I love the ease of use and convenience of the cloud based system.

Source: Capterra

Sandy Riediger Dr.Sandra Riediger, DC

Easy, started 1/1/18 with minimal changes from the basic and now starting to customize more and the possibilities are amazing. The e-mail customer support is really 24/7 and the answer is generally there in minutes. Longest...for a big goof was +/- an hour.

Source: Capterra

Kelly S Advanced Chirosport Inc.

So far the little snafus that come with transitioning into new software haven't been terrible. CS is always there when we have a little question here and there and they reply to your emails FAST. Like, super fast. That is so nice so our office can keep flowing as we get the hang of the new system. 🙂

Source: Capterra

Dr. Beth, D.C. Chiropractic Center

I love how easy the software is to navigate. This software is extremely user friendly. I also love that it can be used on either PC or Mac! I enjoy it being cloud based, so that I can log in from anywhere without having to use a remote login software.

Source: Capterra

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