Chiropractic ehr software features

Chiropractic EHR software features include online scheduling, soap notes, billing, integrated payments, online intake and many more.

Patients can schedule their appointment with real-time schedule availability.
Reminders are sent automatically with 2-way sync confirmation status.
Eliminate paper and provide patients the ability to complete their intake from home.
Documentation has never been faster with features like auto SALT, touch capability, and customization.
We’ve reinvented the billing process. Submit and track claims directly in CHIROSPRING.

Say goodbye to complicated payments and hello to CHIROSPRING PAY.  

Book Online

Patients are more likely to schedule with you if you offer online scheduling. We’ve made the process incredibly easy for you and your patients. Provides real-time availability and services are offered to patients based on your CHIROSPRING settings.

Reminders and Patient Engagement

Keeping patients coming in for their visit is key to a successful practice. We provide two options for determining what level of communication you prefer when it comes to patient engagement.

Online Intake

Save time and eliminate paper using our robust online intake process. Patients do the work for you by entering all subjective information prior to their visit — at home or in your practice. You customize what content they will see on first visit or repeat visits. In addition, prescribe content for any visit such as auto-accident questionnaire or outcome assessments which populate fully into the SOAP note. Use our pre-made questionnaire forms or create your own with our editor. Patients can also acknowledge any policy such as HIPAA, consent forms, etc. Our online intake process is fully customizable.

Fast SOAP Notes

You want speed and compliancy when it comes to SOAP notes. CHIROSPRING solves both problems by providing auto SALT capabilities (even on Exams) as well as comprehensive Macros to document an encounter. Our SOAP process is fully touch capable. This means no tiny dropdowns or constant scrolling.


Every system can do billing but is it easy? We’ve made the process so simple you won’t know what to do with your freed-up time.

Integrated Payments

Built-in payments are a vital component to an efficient practice. With CHIROSPRING’s integrated payment solution you can save time and increase your revenue.

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