SOAP Notes

Do you want fast and easy SOAP notes that support touch? Our SOAP notes are the easiest to use in chiropractic. They come pre-loaded with exams, macros, etc. but can also be customized to meet your needs.

Customized to Fit Your Style

Everything in CHIROSPRING is customizable so it should come at no surprise we allow you to customize almost every aspect of the SOAP note. This includes pinning and arranging your SOAP Macros, diagnosis favorites, and commonly used charges. Remove SOAP tabs, exams, or treatments you do not use. Each provider can have their own SOAP experience.

Manage Patient Complaints

We’ve re-invented the way providers manage patient complaints. Our intuitive touch interface allows you to quickly record all complaint information with a digital body. Progress is graphed allowing you to show your patients their improvement over time. Complaints can also be created or updated through the online intake process by the patient if you desire.

Audit-Proof SOAP notes

With CHIROSPRING’s advanced Macros, you’ll be writing audit-proof SOAP Notes FAST! CHIROSPRING’s built-in Macros meet the strictest standards set by Medicare and Attorneys.

Mark Areas To Avoid

Indicate specific areas of a patient’s body to avoid. These areas appear shaded in red, reminding providers to avoid adjusting these areas. A custom note area allows practitioners to document additional details about these areas as needed.

Audit-Proof SOAP notes

With CHIROSPRING’s advanced Macros, you’ll be writing audit-proof SOAP Notes FAST! CHIROSPRING’s built-in Macros meet the strictest standards set by Medicare and Attorneys.

Pre-Loaded Adjustment Techniques

CHIROSPRING comes pre-loaded with several adjusting techniques and their associated listings. Change adjustment techniques on the fly by quickly selecting from the available drop-down menu. Those wanting specialized techniques or listings can easily create their own. You can even set the order of your listings, placing the most used options at the top for convenience.

SALT Button

Use CHIROSPRING’s built-in SALT (Same as Last) button to copy the adjustment from the previous visit to today. Quickly mark all of today’s patient adjustments with a single click of the mouse or touch of the finger.

View Adjustment History

CHIROSPRING’s “View Adjustment History” button allows practitioners to easily browse previous visit adjustments. Doctors can use this functionality to quickly reference previous actions without exiting their current SOAP.

Online Intake/Kiosk

Have you ever wanted to have all of your patient intake done entirely without paper and have everything sync into your EHR? Now you can with CHIROSPRING’s patient kiosk.


Recording exams has never been easier. Each exam provides a touch interface and allows the provider to pull previous exams into today’s note. Our evaluations include range of motion, orthopedic tests, sensory tests, outcome assessments, reflexes, muscle strength analysis, vascular tests, special tests, pediatric tests, cranial nerves, X-ray analysis, muscle tone analysis, and more.

Get All Patient Information

Patients can enter all subjective information for new and repeat visits including personal information, demographics, smoking status, employment information, emergency contact, family history, medications, allergies, problems, complaints, outcome assessments, review of systems, acknowledgments, and additional intake information.

SOAP Macros

Eliminate typing with SOAP Macros. Each click can generate full sentences or paragraphs. CHIROSPRING comes loaded with hundreds of Macros but allows the ability to edit or create your own. Even share with the community with our CHIROSPRING Share app.

Upload All Your Documents

Upload all of your documents such as HIPAA, Verification of X-ray, and more. Your patient will review and digitally acknowledge. Never have your patient sign paperwork ever again! Finally the feature you are going to absolutely LOVE… create custom intake questions that transfer directly into that visit’s SOAP note! Now that’s smarter software. Less time wasted equals more patients and more dollars in your pocket. CHIROSPRING’s patient kiosk is just one more reason we are driving chiropractic!
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