Chiropractic scheduling software

Our chiropractic scheduling software allows clients to schedule online and even send appointment reminders so they never miss an appointment.

Emails, Text, or Voice Reminders

While some software will only offer email appointment reminders, CHIROSPRING allows patients to choose between email, text, or voice reminders. Patients can choose their reminder preference, and will then be automatically reminded of their appointment.

Reminders, Reviews, Marketing and More

For practices that want more than just appointment reminders we recommend using our fully integrated partner, Zingit.  Zingit helps practices grow and reduce costs by automating the most time-consuming processes in your practice.

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Patient Recall and Reactivation
  • Automated Reviews – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Review Sharing and Website Streaming
  • Unlimited custom SMART Campaigns such as Day 1 / Day 2 Videos
  • Group Texting
  • Birthday messages
  • Webchat-to-Text
  • Listings & Local SEO
  • Missed Appointment Online Scheduling Messages

Customize Your Message

To better serve your patients, CHIROSPRING allows you to customize your reminder messages. Use your practice name and add a friendly message if you’d like.

Know When Your Patients are Coming

Using 2-way sync your patient’s reminder status will update in real-time. Once your patient confirms their appointment the dot will turn black.
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