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Learn more about our software with these common frequently asked questions.

CHIROSPRING provides every feature needed to run your practice, no matter what size. CHIROSPRING includes online scheduling, online intake, appointment reminders, billing, claims, ERA auto-posting, SOAP notes, care plans, and so much more.

CHIROSPRING has been in development since 2011. We launched our software in 2013, and today, we provide the industry’s best cloud-based chiropractic software and best software overall.

We have technical support available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm central time.

Yes, training is included in the price. We provide not only access to all training videos for as long as you are a customer and our 24/7 Help Center, but you also receive 4, 5 or 6 hours of live training depending on which package you select. 

No, you don’t have to pay for software updates. Software updates are part of your subscription and come at no added cost.

CHIROSPRING was founded in 2011 by Dr. Chrissy Albery, DC, who like you was looking for chiropractic software to run her practice. Dr. Chrissy quickly discovered no good software options existed as they were missing features or too difficult to use. Chrissy formed a team of software engineers and other doctors to create CHIROSPRING which launched in 2013. Today CHIROSPRING is used by thousands of chiropractors and is the industry’s preferred cloud-based chiropractic software.

Yes, CHIROSPRING provides more than 70 reports to provide the analytical data you need. Many reports can be customized with filters or in the case of the Company Totals report created from scratch to meet your practice’s needs. 

Yes, CHIROSPRING will run on iPad through the iPad’s browser using Cloud CHIROSPRING. We also provide an iPhone app for when you’re on the go.
Yes, CHIROSPRING will run on a Windows tablet. We recommend a Windows 10 tablet for the best experience.
There are three packages to choose from starting at only $99/mo.
Yes, CHIROSPRING was designed with simplicity in mind from the ground up. You will not find a better software experience anywhere.
Yes, when reconciling a charge, you can mark it as disputed and even enter a note on why it was rejected. All disputed charges are neatly kept in the Disputed Folder within the Billing App.

We would hate to see you go but your data is your data. On your own you can export all demographics to .CSV and print SOAPs, reports and ledgers to PDF. If you want us to do this for you we provide this service for a fee. 

CHIROSPRING has numerous security features, many not found in any other practice management software.

  • Advanced user permission. Block access to any area of the software including a specific app or portion of the SOAP note
  • Encryption at rest as well as in transit. We use the same encryption technology as online banks. 
  • Patient data is not saved on your computer (outside of data you manually export)
  • Automatic log off
  • Administrator controls
  • Strong password requirements
  • Audit log
  • PIN requirement (when enabled) for signing SOAP
  • Automatic 24/7 data backup
Yes, in the Services App in Settings you can create or modify services. There is a drop down box that says “Bill to Insurance”. Mark this as “Yes” if you want the charge to be billable to insurance. Mark “No” if you want the charge to be billable to the patient.
Yes, we have BEST-IN-INDUSTRY Care Plans. Create templates for convenience. Then add an individual care plan for a patient. Set discounts based on pay in full or pay upfront and generate an estimate. CHIROSPRING tracks how many units of a product/service have been used and how many remain.

Yes, CHIROSPRING comes pre-loaded with more chiropractic clinical information than you’ll likely ever need because it has been designed and tested by chiropractors. Not only that, using our custom Macro App you can create your own Macros to fit the individual needs of your practice.

Yes, CHIROSPRING supports electronic billing. Claims are submitted via secure FTP to your clearinghouse in just two clicks.
Yes. The software is fully loaded with everything you would need. However, you can edit or create your own SOAP Macros. Online Intake questions can be created. The entire Edit SOAP process can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Yes, CHIROSPRING supports multiple insurance cases.

With CHIROSPRING, there’s no need to delete an active insurance case just because an existing patient presents with an auto accident suddenly. Simply create the new auto accident insurance case and set it as default. When you are done treating the patient for the auto accident, simply close the auto accident case and set the previous case back as default.

Yes, CHIROSPRING is smart enough to estimate what the patient owes at the cash register. It will accurately let you know exactly what the patient owes based on their copay, coinsurance or deductible. It also adds any previous balance to their total so you never miss getting paid.

Statements can be created in just one click and printed to fit a double windowed envelope. Or, use the “Process For Mailing” option which sends your statements through secure FTP to Etactics. They will then print, envelope, stamp and mail your statements for less than you can do in house. This is incredible!

Yes, CHIROSPRING comes pre-loaded with hundreds of products ranging from supplements to things like Biofreeze or pillows. You can of course add or delete products and edit their prices.

Yes, CHIROSPRING makes personal injury cases a breeze. We do this in two ways:

  1. Create an insurance case with the attorney’s information and put the case “on hold.” This will ensure charges do not appear in the Claims App.
  2. When the attorney is ready for a list of charges, print the “Charge Report” and send it to the attorney. They will then send you a check after reviewing this report.
Yes, our PC app takes less than 30 seconds to set up and automatically updates. CHIROSPRING can also be accessed directly through the web browser.
You can install CHIROSPRING on as many as you like. There are no limits, and you can set up another computer in seconds. Check your calendar at home or in the office.

We offer an option for no contract which means you can cancel at any time. 

Yes. For every referral you give us that purchases, we will provide you a free month of service (up to a $300 value).
Yes! CHIROSPRING was designed this way intentionally so that whatever your massage therapist writes on his/her SOAP notes will not overwrite what you write. Chiropractors and therapists do not share SOAP notes or treatment plans. CHIROSPRING supports chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and acupuncturists
Yes. We offer the ability to view and then print the HCFA. You can also print to PDF if you wish to have an external copy you can save to a secure location.
Yes, CHIROSPRING not only supports treatment plans but will prompt you if you forget to create one. We even support a treatment plan as simple as PRN (as needed).
Charges cannot be billed to insurance until the provider has signed the SOAP note and posted the diagnosis. Because insurance requires charges as well as diagnoses on the CMS-1500 HCFA, we will not let you bill them until both of these conditions have been met.

Yes, you can customize your personal color, grey out times when you are not seeing patients, determine the max time slots per appointment time (e.g. how many do you schedule across) and set a default time per visit type. You can also create specific block-out times and color code them as well. The length of the rows can also be changed. For example, some doctors want 10-minute rows while others want 15-minute rows.

If you have multiple locations set up there will be a drop down on the calendar allowing you to toggle back and forth between calendars. It’s truly amazing.

Yes, CHIROSPRING gracefully handles multiple locations by providing a single database and the option to toggle location on Front Desk or Calendar. Reports can also be generated by one or multiple locations.

No. CHIROSPRING backs up your data 24/7 in three locations across the U.S.A. Your data doesn’t need to be backed up locally.  

Yes, we can import demographic data such as name, DOB, address, phone, etc.
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