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Welcome to CHIROSPRING on iPhone

Having CHIROSPRING on iOS provides you the freedom and convenience to easily manage your practice from anywhere.
With CHIROSPRING on iOS you’ll have the ability to:
  1. Download the CHIROSPRING Browser App  from the App Store. 
  2. Enter your Cloud CHIROSPRING URL. Not customer ID but full URL into the URL box. We recommend opening the Safari browser and visiting Enter your Customer ID then copy the URL.
  3. Use our digital trackpad for precise navigation. Double tap in the left, center, or right corners of the trackpad to quickly zoom to those sections. Double tap again to zoom out fully (or use the zoom out button at the top right of the screen) We recommend setting your CHIROSPRING user preferences to “touch” as this disables mouse hovers. This can be done in the Settings>User>Provider Info 2. Change the ‘Computer Input Type’ option to ‘Touch’
This video will walk you through these steps and provide an overview on the best ways to utilize this app.
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